Dog Camp – Our Friendly Dog Sitting Services

Being away from your dog can be stressful for both you and your companion. When leaving your dog in our care, be assured that they are in good hands! They will be showered with love and attention while spending their time exercising, playing and socializing with other dogs. We are committed to creating a fun and secure environment giving you the peace of mind that your pet is safe, healthy and happy.

Doggie Daycare

If your dog is lonely, restless or just needs some socialization, we offer a place for your best friend to play and exercise for the day.

To find out more about our boarding and daycare dog sitting services, contact me today!


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"After adopting Suka from a rescue that almost turned him away due to his severe behavioral issues, I was overwhelmed. Peggy provided me with much needed encouragement and excellent guidance to help Suka overcome his extreme fear issues. Suka LOVES Peggy!"

Jen D.    Wyomissing, PA   
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"Molly is a rescue who after 4 owners finally found her forever home. Peggy's knowledge, experience, patience, and dedication has proven to be a great asset in helping Molly grow and become the perfect member of our family."

Betty B.    West Lawn, PA   
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"You won't find a dog trainer who will work harder to help you develop the perfect relationship with your dog than Peggy. Peggy never gives up on a dog. Ever."

Lori M.    Wernersville, PA   
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"I knew when I got Zipper he had a strong alpha mind with a defiant personality that would need some consistent training. Peggy has provided me the skills and training tactics that has helped Zipper grow into a playful and respectful grown puppy!! She has also helped me work with Oakley to help him overcome is lack of confidence and fear. Oakley is exuding confidence now and is less fearful of everyday noises!! I can't say how many compliments I receive on how well behaved my pups are - thank you Peggy!"

Jen H.    Shillngton, PA   
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"We first met Peggy when we had her come to our home for a personal training session. Our puggle puppy, Sadie, was wild! Peggy showed us how to calm her down and get her into a submissive position. We continued with her group puppy class for 6 weeks. Her training is so positive! Her love for dogs is very evident, as is her knowledge of dog training. Sadie loves hiking with Peggy's shelties and staying at Camp Seiler when we are away."

Marsha Z.    Sinking Spring, PA   
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"Peggy is an amazing trainer! We met her for the first time over two years ago and she has been such a blessing to us. We brought multiple dogs to her all with very different temperaments and she was able to help us work with each of them and meet their various needs. Not only have our dogs improved since we started working with Peggy, but we have improved as dog owners. Training skills and techniques that we never learned before have become second nature to us. We feel comfortable helping our dogs succeed in many different environments. Peggy also helped us prepare our dogs for the arrival of a new baby. They have been great with her!"

Ali Z.    Reading, PA   
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As we planned for the arrival of our new puppy, Molly, a miniature Labradoodle, we envied our friends who had well trained dogs who are a pleasure to be around. Lessons like these do not come easy and training never stops. The training that Peggy provides gives Molly the confidence to be successful when interacting with people and four-legged friends. It also gives us the confidence to know that Molly can behave appropriately in new situations. Thanks to training, Molly now walks under control, plays well with other dogs, has learned many tricks, and responds to numerous commands. Thank you Peggy! We could not have done it without your help and support!

Steve & Flo W.    West Lawn, PA